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Innovation from the core

Innaton Technologies
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Why Innaton
Changing the world, one innovation at a time
Our Vision
We envisage living in a world where innovation enables humans to live better lives.
Our Values
We set the end user's needs as the driver, efficiency as the goal, and simplicity as the objective.
Our Work
We build truly innovative products, that both accommodate the needs of the user but also push for increased efficiency.
Currently we are developing
Innaton Healthcare
Innaton Healthcare is clinical documentation, communication, and task management platform, inspired by the most effective equivalents used in the tech industry for decades. The goal is not only to bring a tailored technology to the healthcare industry but also to enable and enrich the processes and approaches used in tech. We've also introduced some small innovative "tricks" to make it highly efficient and user-friendly for persistent usage.
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Free Up Clinical Time
  • Avert Security and Legal Risk
  • Optimize Capacity
  • Modernize Staff Experience
  • Reduce Human Error
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Portfolio highlights
Bluebots.io is a no-code platform that allows users to quickly create truly intelligent AI chatbots. Supporting more than 60 languages in voice and text, improved UX, and high accuracy even with minimal training makes Bluebots a strong competitor in the market. From extensive analytics to user training feedback, customizable UI, and personalities, bluebots changed the game.
Covid-bot.com is a non-profit voluntary project launched during the first period of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of fighting misinformation and non-scientific advice that was spreading faster than the disease itself. In a nutshell, covid-bot is an AI-powered chatbot that answers all your COVID-19 related questions based on validated sources. The chatbot was adopted by multiple health organizations and had an average of 10,000 users per month.
Soiltron is an innovative technology that allows the production of electrical energy 24/7 from nothing else but soil. Yes, the kind of soil in your garden. Independent of weather or location, without the need for storage technologies, Soiltron made headlines worldwide as one of the most innovative renewable energy technologies. We presented soiltron at the Websummit Pitch finals in 2016, one of the largest tech events in the world with ~70,000 attendees and global media coverage.
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